Where does the name “Sleep Easy Software” come from?

A lot of the time I get asked where the name “Sleep Easy Software” comes from.  When people have met me for the first time and I mention the name, they think I write software to help people sleep better.  In a sense that is true, but not in the way they think.

There is a lot of bad software out there that causes companies a lot of problems.  It is constantly breaking down and has a multitude of bugs.  You may wonder if your software really works or a customer is going to find a major bug soon.  Do you discover problems so often that you expect to find one tomorrow?  Software like this can literally keep you up at night.

For the last 10 years my purpose has been to improve situations just like this.  I’ve taken poor quality projects and turned them around so that they’re stable.  I improve feedback loops, communication, and transparency so you know your project is working today and you can rest assured that it will work tomorrow.  In addition, training development teams to learn these skills is one of my specialties.

“Sleep Easy Software” is about developing software that is of such high quality that you can sleep easy at night.  When you are running a business, you have a thousand things to worry about but when you work with “Sleep Easy Software”, software quality isn’t one of them.

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