I have worked with Dan for almost three years at Mirth. During that time, he was an essential member of our technical team, and worked on sales-critical projects such as NwHIN Connect (now HealtheWays) and the Mirth technical tools for handling CCD’s/CCDA’s. He is an extremely gifted programmer with a desire to go “above and beyond” to help insure customer’s receive true value from his work.

Marilee BensonĀ (Vice President of Sales at Mirth Corporation)

I’ve had the privilege of working with Dan for over six years. I’ve coded alongside him and also managed the team that he is on. Dan excels in automated testing, refactoring, and creating clean code. Others look to him to learn how to write cleaner and more maintainable code. He installed and set up our contiguous integration server, architected and implemented our in-house application that deploys our products, and trained other developers to use Git for their projects.

Dan is constantly trying to improve himself by learning new technologies in his free time because he genuinely enjoys being a Software Engineer. His passion would be a valuable asset to any company because he educates those around him.

Jacob Brauer (Director, Software Engineering at Mirth Corporation)

I learned a lot from working with Dan. Whether it was a thorough code review or just seeing how he implemented something, Dan did a lot to set a very high standard and pushed the rest of the team to meet that same standard.

Jon Bartels (Software Engineer)