All ORM arguments are a waste of time

It is easy to find people arguing about ORMs.  There are even a lot of famous articles written on the subject.  The one that comes to mind is called “The Vietnam of Computer Science“.  My opinion is that almost all of these discussions are a waste of time.  The reason is that there’s so many ORMs, nobody is ever on the same page when they make their arguments.  Saying you dislike a ORMs is like saying you dislike food.  There are so many flavors out there, you’re going to have to clarify.  Do you mean you hate fusion food?  American food? Etc. For example, I personally dislike EclipseLink and Hibernate.  But, I’m not going to pretend my experience with these ORMs magically give me insight into working with Rails’ ActiveRecord or Python’s SQLAlchemy. Continue reading