The hashcode, explained

On StackOverflow, I was asked what the Java hashCode method does, but I did not have enough room to answer.  I decided to write a blog article about the topic.  The  hashCode method is a part of the Object  class.  This means that every single class in Java has a hashCode  method.  To explain what it does, I’m going to use an analogy:

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Banning break and continue from your loops will improve code quality

For as long as I can remember programming, I have always avoided the  break  and continue  keywords in my loops.  Before I explain why I avoid them, I want to explain what they are.  Here’s an example:

A continue  will jump to the top of the loop and reevaluate the condition.  A break  will exit the loop.

What I don’t like about these keywords is that when you want to refactor this code, the continue s and break s step on your toes.  Here’s an animated GIF demonstrating why that is:

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