To those that advocate manual tests instead of automated tests

There are people out there who are not the biggest fans of automated tests.  They think they cause more trouble than they are worth.  I can definitely sympathize with that perspective. In fact, I will readily admit it can be completely true.  A bad automated test can be worse than no test.  But, I’ve worked on projects that had a lot of good automated tests and I think they were better off for them.

There are people out there who think writing all these automated tests is usually more trouble than it’s worth.  The alternative to automated tests is to “run your software frequently in a live scenario to test the features as they’re being deployed“.  But, I have some questions for the people that feel this way:

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With software, focus on your bottom line, not revenue.

Revenue – Costs = Profit (AKA the bottom line).  Every businessman knows this formula.  If you’re in the software business, your goal is to sell software for more than it costs to create it.

Most companies I’ve worked for are obsessed with selling more software to increase their revenue.  One way they do this by adding more features to the product so it’s more appealing to customers.  If you can release that new feature faster than your competitor, it will give you an advantage over them.

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